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Tender Study
S.C.I. Budgeting Division is a technical facility active in studying tenders of public interest. Under commission for a single tender or under contract, it drafts studies of tenders using a precise procedure, starting from market surveys and scientifically tested price analyses (A.P.M.®)
The phases:
1. . Check of the call for tenders and its technical and administrative aspects: Developer, tender procedure, place, amount and type of works, excludable primary category and relative amounts.
2. Analysis of technical documents: metric calculation, price list, special specifications, etc.

3. Market surveys, analysis of the prices, verification of project data, attribution of shares, general expenses and profit of the enterprise
4. Determination of technical average down
Using its own database, S.C.I. Budgeting Division is able to process significant numbers of tenders for all types of works [infrastructure, civil construction and engineering]. The technical staff assigned to this is well trained and constantly updated to ensure that all types of contracts are studied. The human resources involved satisfy all technical sectors in order of time and specialisation. Teamwork ensures a sharing of strategies and efficient support for the Client throughout the entire study phase of the work order, in compliance with Leg. Dec. 163/2006 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Adversarial Support (art. 86 and 87 Leg. Dec. 163/2006)
S.C.I. Budgeting Division provides its support to the Client during any adversarial phase with the Developer. The methodology and approach to managing the adversarial relationship require top-notch technical staff and legal support. S.C.I. is able to manage the entire phase of dialogue with the government starting with the company’s discount, keeping the Client informed on the right strategy for facing the moment when the appropriateness of the bid is checked until conclusion and completion of the entire process.

Reclassification is useful to the company for determining the overall design, regulatory and quantitative differences in the awarded contract.
During the period between final award and the contract, the company must verify the project put up for bidding by the government. In the case of the maximum discount and for other tender procedures, S.C.I. is capable of providing precise checks using the Reclassification method;

-Check of quantity, correspondence between design documents and final results;
-Regulatory adaptation of design to that in effect at the time of the tender;
-Market research with creation of the Vendor List, taking into account the discount offered by the company;
-Final technical report, showing differences found in relation to the status of the government’s project, with precise indications of the most critical areas, fixes and solutions.

Supplies Management
The use of procedures tested over the years enables S.C.I. Budgeting Division to offer the Client optimum plans for managing supplies.
Starting with a precise check of the types of goods required and when they will be needed at the site, a timetable and a procurement plan are prepared.
When the Vendor List of selected suppliers is agreed on, the ITT (invitations to tender) will be sent out, estimates received and a check will be done of correspondence with specifications. The bids will then be tabulated, any clarifications requested, and the best price in terms of the project budget will be determined.

All this can be integrated into in the company’s quality procedures and, after formal authorisation, converted into a purchase order.
The official submission of the order can be done by S.C.I. (with a standard power of attorney) or directly by the company to the chosen supplier.
Throughout the supplies phase, Web procedures will be provided for checking on and authorising the supply phases.

Disputes Management
Disputes Management is a very frequent activity, during the tender period and after it. With its experience acquired over the years in monitoring and managing public contracts, S.C.I. Budgeting Division is able to guarantee the company of proper disputes management right from the signing of the contract.

Teams of in-house technicians and specialised legal consultants ensure high-quality technical and legal content in terms of:
-Claim for damages
-Support for third-party suits
-Guarantee enforcement procedures

Tenders Area
S.C.I. Estimates Division - Working Tenders Area, shows all tenders currently processed by its technical team.
S.C.I. Estimates Division - Service Flag Tenders, publishes all Tenders of national relevance that aren’t yet in process and that have been signaled by Clients.
S.C.I. Estimates Division - Basket service, chose for You the following expiring Tenders for Work in Italy (weekly attendance). In this section You will find all information about Tender Awards including: Awarder’s Name, Percentage of Fall, Amount of the Tender and Tender Minutes.

Italian Law for Public Procurement
Italian procedure for Public Procurement is regulated by Legislative Decree 12nd April 2006, n° 163, fairly to European Directives 2004/17/CE w 2004/18/CE. dlgs163_06.pdf
Hereafter You will find the most important links about Rules and Procedures regulating Tenders for Public Procurement:
Vigilance Authority for Public Works
Association of Builders
Ted – Tenders Electronic Daily - EU Tenders

S.C.I. and social assistance

S.C.I., which always supports charity initiatives, has enthusiastically supported and continues to support Unicef...

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S.C.I., which always supports charity initiatives, has enthusiastically supported and continues to support Unicef programmes, as well as those of other charitable organisations for different charitable activities in different countries; it has been doing this from the day the company was founded. S.C.I. has contributed to research activities regarding the HIV virus, supported countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Sierra Leone in humanitarian emergency situations. The company has confirmed its commitment to the fight against poverty and other situations around the world in which people are suffering.
S.C.I. is looking for engineers and techinician, with experience in tender study, price analyses. Send cv to sviluppo@scigruppo.com
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